Solar Water Heating System

Basic components of a Solar water heating system
The basic form of a solar water heating system comprises storage tank, solar collectors and interconnecting pipe work. The solar collectors are usually mounted on roof of a building to capture solar radiation. Small tubes run through the solar collectors and carry fluid either water or heat transfer liquid with low boiling point. The fluid absorbs heat from the solar collectors and transfer heat to incoming water.
Solar Street Light
A typical solar Street light system consists of 5 major components: the solar panel, the battery, the light fixture, the controller and the pole. During the day the solar panel capturing sunlight then convert to electrical energy and stores it in the battery, put into use for the street light in the nights automatically, and cut off during the day time.
Solar Photovoltaic Power System
Energy is one of the major parameters for establishing growth and progress of the country, rather the standard of living depends directly upon the per capita energy consumption.
Widespread use of solar energy for domestic, agricultural and agro-industrial activities has been practiced almost since the development of civilization. Increasing threat of acute shortage of the commercial sources of energy coupled with serious environmental pollution problems has accelerated interest in the scientific exploitation of renewable sources of energy. Energy available from the sun is inexhaustible and environment friendly. Therefore, the solar energy technologies are likely to play an important role in the near future through a variety of thermal applications and decentralized power generation and distribution systems.
Solar Power Fencing
Solar fencing is a system consisting of solar photo voltaic module, battery, energizer and alarm unit. Solar Photovoltaic Modules converts Sun Light Energy into electricity and then stores it in a Battery. The electricity from the 12 V Battery fed to an electric fence energizer, which converts 12V DC energy into a high voltage pulse. The energizer provides regular pulses of electricity to fence line about once in every second, the pulse itself is only around 300 microseconds long. These high voltage pulses flow from the energizer to the fence wires.
When an intruder or animal comes into contact with the fence, it becomes part of an electric circuit between the output terminals of energizer and thus they receive a short, sharp but safe shock. The shock is sufficiently memorable that the intruder or animal never forgets and would never try to enter the Premises again. The alarm unit is compatible with the energizer and is activated upon intrusion, tampering or cutting of fence wire.
Solar Lantern and Garden Light
A Solar Lantern and garden light is a portable lighting device consisting of a solar photo voltaic (SPV) module, sealed maintenance free battery, LED lamp, and electronics control unit. Battery, lamp, and electronics control unit are placed in a suitable cabinet, made of metal or plastic or fiber glass. The Solar lantern is suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting, covering a full range of 360 degrees.
Solar photo voltaic (SPV) module converts sun light into electricity, and then charges the battery which powers the LED lamp. The solar lantern and garden light has two indicators, green and red. The green indicator indicates the charging under progress and it glows only when the charging is taking place. It stops glowing when the battery is fully charged. Red indicator indicates the battery Load Cut Off condition.
Solar system service and maintenance
We do service and repair of your old solar systems including solar water heater, solar Photovoltaic power pack, solar street lights and solar fencing. We also provide installation of your new solar systems and offer AMC (annual maintenance charges).
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