GLEAM employs the services of highly focused, dedicated and proactive business development staff, senior managers, designers and technical personnel who are responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of projects. Whether you are an interested beginner or an expert there is always an opportunity to get a practical skill essential for the modern projects for our clients. Gleam welcomes the best Information Technology sector expertise personals with a worthy offer. Gleam offers an applied natural, reflecting commitment to equip professionals with knowledge and skills for successful implementation of projects and an upward growth in their career.

  • Fostering Work space.
  • Enduring careers with strong potential so that your career has a bright future.
  • Orientation programme which will help you throughout your career to develop your skills.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.

To join the team of GLEAM SOLUTIONS, please submit your resume to allow us to review for any current/future openings we may have Submit your resumé below.
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